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tv   [untitled]    February 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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security said it's close i couldn't believe it was closed. yeah well when i went in the security guard told me that a so for sale and all they basically doing here is film movies now. and i was shocked can believe that this is what's going on now you know it was a great hospital this is the last house but i was in in two thousand to when i got shot. it was a sunday afternoon around twelve o'clock and just two cars came in and it was a big shot out and i just happened to roll by and i caught a bullet in my spine. i came with my legs i'm paralyzed you know if it wasn't for the people that were here i don't think i would have made it the way i made it because that was a little kid i was seventeen years old when this happened to me i go to school and i go to college you know and if it wasn't for them i went forward i even drive now i do everything i'm independent and it's for these people and leg they can help nobody else you know and somebody might not get that opportunity i got the right to
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keep the chief mccurdy. the middle said that we're luther king is going to be a complete closure but the capacity is going to change from one hundred forty some beds to actually forty two beds siegfried's to be overwhelmed pretty quickly so we're going to be going to schools. to see if this when the hospitals the challenge you know don't the school that was you know just because they're going to be overwhelmed. the professionals don't you gauge don't get angry when i hear that you know if you can raise you to do it. right and your question. the community has a big name from ok and everybody knows it's called killer king we would get it on cd and first thing people would ask is where am i going to be transported and if we said mark was a k. you know often response was please don't take medicaid. they're understaffed
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under-funded and they have too many patients that didn't have private physicians and with four or five hundred patients in emergency rooms very difficult to treat those into the hospital through medical center is in critical condition and the candor was in the bottom two and a half percent of all hospitals in the state of california health officials say patients there had been put in quote and media jeopardy patients and martin luther king medical center to get ready for fewer services and a new way we cannot assure that patients would be safe or that fundamental hospital standards can be met the proposed closure of the trauma center will have an impact the l.a. county fire department i'm begging of you don't ignore this. don't marginalize this . warrant hard time and send it. to my. psychiatrist.
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used to be a very simple system that we have to every patient in the closest facility but you close ten hospitals with eight beds at a major that's eighty patients out of our system in the city she didn't look well it's in the sat scores we close our doors here we are close to saturation when our waiting room is for when are all of our yard beds or for these caught and of these lines waiting in the hallway and we're. basically closing to saturation for safety purposes not the sort of suppress right so diversion is a huge thing for some of our hospitals down here they're on diversion about ninety percent of the time so ninety percent of time we're looking for another hospital we could be across the street from that hospital thinking it. was not what you call it
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let them do it because you're going to things he said. harbor u.c.l.a. by saturday for say fast is a sad i miss we're going to kaiser bellflower because the only. place for hospital . it's about a ten mile above all right however we are in l.a. and there's a lot of traffic so. there isn't anybody.
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there. for the average american who has insurance they don't realize the impact of what's going on. with school and all of the obviously think it's a problem of the uninsured of someone else the worst initial injury actually just put it in there and spread all this way when. you see something is interfering with the not ok ok so when you do this you can tell that it's not in attendance which is a really really bad infection because. if it gets really bad good attendance going to bone here bone infection the worst sin are the kids you know usually armed because rebel we're going to prevent that that's really going to be to feel good but i think. i've been in the hospital says to iraq and not just what is it six o'clock or six fifteen. if i have insurance just
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a good thing you know if i may have insurance ok majesty we standing aside and we did say we're waiting six hours is not uncommon and if you go to surrounding hospitals people coming here tell me they're waiting twelve hours sometimes to get back. however u.c.l.a. right now at this moment it's a twenty four hours meaning as soon as you walk in the door and they try and figure out you're not critical basically you're someone and they can definitely live for another couple of days before being critical they'll keep you in the waiting room and you have to sit there and wait to be seen. it has happened at certain hospitals i've gone and actually did all the payments off our journey and we just sat and waited so we're missing calls in our district because our he's tied up at the hospital because they know how bad to put that patient in the little lady in the hospital that's that's normal i've had to rescue a couple weeks and waited for hours for being i've waited sometimes three hours i was it's a same francis and we went for four hours and fifty minutes standing against
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a wall of patients if there have beds are going to wait and because even though we're inside there you know we're still on scene with that patient if we if we leave the hospital and don't transfer care to a bed it's negligence or even the county can say you know what it was your paramedic license you're gone. the river here if we don't have a paramedic i said we do a back to the firefighter only. so how many calls to get last night four calls after midnight three out of the four calls we had were people just basic cold and flu symptoms sniffle and. sniffles and nausea vomiting diarrhea and been sick for. three four days and just said uncle. smoke anything. to do. when the fire burned for twenty eight years and i came on as a single function firefighter when i came on the job. and back then we actually
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only respond by four or five different types of the m s calls responded on chest pain as heart attacks car accidents and drowned if you called with a sprained thumb or a broken finger the dispatcher back then told you to get the car to go to the hospital so a lot has changed. take over your life be on you for what's going on today they don't plan it was not hard to do now. your i go i want to say you know what happens. when are you ready for this. off in anime. season you've been here before and yeah i've been here a few times the past week five or six times over i steered down the mom to be on the mother the grandmother the son and the twins and her when she was pregnant with their material youngest and they have two houses this one another one down because
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. young hickory earlier that oh you know i don't remember the one time. i think every ten miles you can stay here would fit security for entering since you have six total resident sisters has it everything's going ok all right you can relax ok else we can do i'm a gator could be good. i will see going to later have a good day. a good station i think it's part i mean everybody's understanding what emergency is different but i mean people been called out for a bandaid they did that all we are is you know a system that they can call in literally to get a couple band-aids and i mean. get the word. called you want to show you that. some of the programs that we do send to you we have things such as boyle's can't sleep they're hungry constipation to think but if somebody says they're hungry what do
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you tell what are we have to do is i give him five dollars people local calls. we've been called to you know broken sprinkler system the lawn to the dog and the chimney you know second to avoid what is all different types of calls are gone which makes it all fun at the same time it's like. where do you draw the line yeah you're always going to have that percentage of people who actually know the system and it was a jury of people that's not within you know they don't i want to really truly need somebody to tell him what to do because this is their first room sort of had to deal worked out we have a transportation policy on the farm and that we offer transportation to everybody on this it's a minor extremity injury since we've had that system which is in the last five years because lawsuits down to nothing it's paid for itself. at the expense. to the taxpayers is the expense of the individual who wants to run away with the expense of the the ripple effect of filling the little beds. with
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non-critical patients. i know gas prices are high but. i know i can get to the local emergency room for a lot cheaper in my own personal vehicle if i have the flu and the insurance company will look at that and say well what did we paramedics really wanted on this and then they will pay. and then the citizens get stuck with a bill. i really do believe that every patient should pay something for their here because one of the problems we also have in this country is that health care is not valued we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least people are going to have to begin to take responsibility for their health care. pay something it can start small.
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perhaps a five dollars co-pay for an emergency visit i think it will change behavior as well. something happened down the question is what. here we've closed hospitals in the last ten years and over a thousand. of these burger kings they contribute to the high blood pressure diabetes and everything else in the sense i mean if you cigarettes. fast food restaurants pay for some of the stuff. that will help you. now. he's
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a diabetic or whatever it takes two days or whatever he says no. he never wants to. take all primary and let me have a look at them for sure if he says no we can't force him to talk to him and not then we can then yes that he does i know. we need so anyway this is all we need his permission to let my medics. know he's agreed to let. you know that if he doesn't want to. use agree we're going take him in the back. ok then you're welcome. i know you do want to vent for him. started searching teary. all that's right no he has no complaints feels fine he answered all or pushed questions appropriately. please let me finish it sugars one three it's within
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normal limits. his blood pressure after after that if there's nothing that he wants from us right unfortunate there's nothing else that we can do for him by law ok i'm yeah we do get frustrated and it's only us but it's the nurses in the hospitals it's also the doctors i've seen them just blow you know like why i see this person every day for a last ten days why are they here again you know when you see a patient i got a response going to the hospice it's. mostly a mr t. t. attachment incident six nine three. it's time to get to a lot of. personnel down here and i'm pretty sure it's. seven california is not. the only area where it's happening now firefighters coming from different states want to apply to have a city and you paramedics are experiencing the same thing i had
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a guy from here just in the last week you know paramedic burnout talked about in his area. a guy from new york. paramedic paramedic burnouts go through three big issues. in this field with this shield the shield is ok but still doesn't mean the other rescue at our station is available so they get the next cough which means we get the chance to take shower and pressure teeth so we don't get our showers interrupted jimmy page. and you know all these rescues here we're probably going to be waiting for a while because i think we just got the last available that that's what i. want you . know. we just take a patient to martin luther king with vomiting which gets triano just in the emergency room and based on her level of severity so good or bad.
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we got there before a few other patients and she got a bed and now the other patients are going to wait even though they might have more . severe problems they might have to wait for a bed for hours. if martin luther king you know even if they just limit their number of beds which they're planning on doing to forty two beds then that's going to be repercussions for everybody so. hopefully it won't get to the point where it's going to be affecting patient care to the point where people are going to be waiting for such long times that they're not going to be getting treated as they should so we'll see what happens. if you actually inject right check out the vehicle and the passenger. there is no one in the end to this we are the county hospital for the poor and yet we're the trauma center for everyone on the south bay area of los angeles. so it makes no difference if you have the best insurance in the world or no insurance the next time you're in
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a traffic accident if god forbid we have an earthquake or a bioterrorist attack we are the place that you want to come we're the place you're going to be brought to guard us where you want to come and if we're overcrowded and have no gurneys you're going to be in trouble you're not going to get the kind of care that you deserve. it's not the train wrecks that really scare us and keep us up at night it would scares and soon keeps us up at night is that essentially a pandemic flu it will take about. twelve hours before every hospital your is overwhelmed. by. the forty three year old recipes that the critic orders yeah well now you said have you heard of the emergency rule there's no other way we can do will use your head the emergency room right now. well can't they help me there at the emergency room. a lot of times they think you know i want you to take us in the ambulance because we'll be seen faster. in the
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e.r. . to the emergency room was would be transported from one hospital to the other because you know use an i pod he would present theories are you want to go to kaiser no. i know we can do that. now one of those was. with a tool that was developed and like any tool you have you don't have a set of instructions along with the tool is going to be you misuse and abuse and eventually you're going to break.
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it up with water on. the metal detectors you're already in the hospital but on a moment. i'm trying to get an interpreter for you or moment don't i want to get sketched by now what is the murder here please. and you know why this woman has people on the bed it was ok all the emergency room my wife is about is dying and then there's a don't want to help her out ok what am i going to get in the fight against obama the new blood ok and why aren't they helping or that i'll get to watch it or. you're not doing it and they're just watching her ok eat the contact the nurse or doctor let them know mom any blood they don't believe they're not gonna let him in if he's causing a problem he needs to contact the county police officers at the security dept there
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was no. medics are not going to pick him up or pick is why apart from optical questions are already at. one fifty one. which emerged first a little bit on the ground. there's well. below the pillow there. are plenty of water. there but i think the wrong number to prevent. their lives than that of the other you're at but you're at the hospital ma'am. i cannot for you for the quality of the hospital they're very likely to want to use from are going to grab it out of the merge now it is not a matter of the operator ok well that's not a criminal thing over and above the. contract off the ceiling by. the.
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just lying i want to use for only where. it is not. a hang. up without incident we actually have patients who are actually not in the e.r. but in the ward but they're not getting timely treatment in the world they want more pain medication don't pick up the phone and dial nine one one so we're sending the mass captain out to the eighteenth floor of the hospital to provide more pain medication for patients inside there you know you go one of. our firefighters
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paramedics are incredible and they're you know we make that we're constantly doing training and more training more training and they stepping up to fill that gap but is that what we want as a society for the fire department to become the health care system. a big part of the fix is more primary and preventive care if the people with diabetes and high blood pressure get treated early then they don't come in here with heart attacks and strokes. and you are a little sad this thought of that is south but even then you go pretty mad yaquis you love in an ideal world frost need to open up those county clinics and so we have some place for individuals will walk into before they become in crisis the need actually nine i want to service it all comes down the phones really it's a catch twenty two you know situation so what we did here fire season sixty five
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we've added two more rescues that we can put into place if things get really bad which they do a lot here is. is it a band-aid yes but it's long and maybe we have right now to serve everybody in this community. and. let's. cut. cut cut.
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cut cut. cut cut cut out a was no no no you know that a president are you going to come together the flow. of it. and. culture is that so much different and there's a huge musician apparently trying to hide from the market the fate oh in the battle for syria the international community is as divided as the syrians themselves when it comes to resolving a situation. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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could you take three. three. three. three stooges free. video for your media. free media.
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the u.s. a coalition of nations to help bring down the syrian regime. as american weapons reportedly find their way to. stage a two day strike in response to the latest wave of. which they say. the economy towards a financial abyss. politically proactive a group of public figures from russia's civil society widespread support on their quest to keep the presidential elections.
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is coming to you live from moscow city center with me. welcome to the. program first this hour straight to syria where there have been several explosions in the country's second largest city town of aleppo where the blasts are being blamed on what's being referred to as terrorists at least eleven people are reported dead the targets were military intelligence and security service headquarters it is the first kind of its attack in aleppo the city has been relatively quiet since the uprising began in the country last march the government claims it's fighting a foreign funded insurgency and also blamed terrorists first several bombings in the capital damascus in december and january. but has the violence in syria escalates and assad forces across the world are seeking indirect means to topple the president the u.s. is setting up an international coalition aimed at supporting rebels in their struggle the so-called friends of them.


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